The Tongue.

How clean is your tongue? We’ve all heard rumors about how dirty the tongue is let’s start putting some of these rumors to rest.

First how many muscles make up the action of the tongue?   3 MAJOR MUSCLES

(Styloglossus, Hyoglossus, Genioglossus) Like you’re going to remember that!

How “dirty” is the tongue?  20 MILLION types of bacteria on any given day.

Okay so there is it, it’s pretty dirty ….

So how do we clean that sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. What is umami? (a fancy way of saying savory)

I’m glad you asked! You ……….


The end result is to keep that tongue pinkish slightly white (the best color).

If you have a thick white biofilm “bacteria” on the top of your tongue brush that away (over time). BUT as always be gentle, the tissues are sensitive to those rough bristles.

Here are the steps:

Brush teeth ——-> Rinse toothbrush ———> Brush tongue——–> Rinse toothbrush——–> Happy Dance

Let us know what you think of our posts? We loved to hear what topics interest you and we will blog about it next! Comment below!

Talk soon,

Anna (Dental Hygienist, amateur blogger)


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