Q : Extractions, what type of extraction will I need?

A: This question is frequently asked but the answer is not always so simpleAn x-ray is the only way to know how simple or difficult the extraction will be. Some teeth can be fairlydifficult to extract but most come out fairly easily without any complications, including wisdom teeth.

Q : But my wisdom teeth are not showing above the gum, do they still need to be extracted?

A: Yes, because when they do erupt they can be hard to clean around and can cause complications with the gums and decay for the teeth that are permanently going to stay.

Q : Should I extract a tooth if it’s not a wisdom tooth but it hurts?

A: The tooth should be carefully examined and radiographed by a dentist to determine if the tooth can be saved.  The last option is to extract any tooth because of the space that is left can cause complications and because of the high cost to replace a missing tooth instead of saving the tooth already there. 



Alba Marin, Lead Dental Assistant at Zen Dental Group




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